Why Brand Vision & Culture Matter – A Lot.

Think of culture as a cofounder that is present when you are not… I’ts culture that helps everyone know how to act when you are out of the room. Give that voice clarity and authority.


Great culture springs naturally from a defined company vision. These two concepts have to live in absolute harmony throughout your company. In this same vein – propagating this culture consistently (without hammering), should result in the integration of your employees. Your employees should always know the “Why” for their work – as it’s one thousands times more powerful than feeling as if they’re tackling busywork. Purpose counts here at your brand.

Common issues having a solidified vision values will solve – well, most of the time:

  1. Bad hires
  2. Inconsistent marketing / Weak voice
  3. Workplace bad behavior
  4. Internal design issues


Establish vision – and have a tough conversation.

If you have partners – it’s time for a sit down. This time it’s to talk about your independent visions for starting this company. You may find that one of you wants to sell in 10 years, you may also find that one of you wants to be in the game for the long haul. Establishing your vision for the company is crucial for determining how to grow and manage your company. The earlier you can accomplish this – the better. It’s much worse to wait until things pick up and you find yourself surrounded by upper level management who disagree on the future of the company.


Take vision to determine values.

The vision of you and your partners determines the culture organically. It’s time to think critically about how the vision of your company relates to the environment you must cultivate. Start writing those values down with your partners – and narrow them down to best represent that vision. Here are a couple, albeit cheeky, examples:

  1. We are Ninja’s of Kindness
  2. Don’t be Evil
  3. Long Live Work & Life Balance
  4. Health Above All Else


Growing and sustaining your culture.

Now it’s important when displaying these values – you keep a fiscal mind. You want the greatest return on your investment for your employees, so maybe that pinball machine isn’t the best use of money. For instance, starting internal Slack groups to share Game of Thrones memes, or (responsibly) offering a shot during a new hire’s orientation day. Small gestures add up to reinforce what the vision you and your partners have for the company. Your vision, your culture.


Examples of culture reinforcements:

  1. Beanbags (oh yes)
  2. Company Hackathons
  3. Education Opportunities
  4. Climbing / Drinking / Bowling Night


Ultimately this just relates to the business, vision, and culture you are looking to create and work in (every day).


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